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Insights and Resources to Help YOU Stress Less and Live Free


Navigating the New Normal

Insights and Resources to Help You Stress Less and Flow More

What’s included?

Daily Inspirational Videos Offering Bite-Sized Doses of Info & Tools

Restorative & Energizing Yoga Flow

Guided Meditation & Visualization

Breathing & Mindfulness Exercises

Daily Uplifting Emails with Tips to Stress Less & Flow More

Tangible Take-Aways & Easy-to-Apply Techniques

Day to Day Breakdown


Use Mindful Mojo and Stress Less


Promote Real Progress & Peace with Practicality


Create Rituals That Support Wellbeing & Minimize Stress


See and Channel The Internal & Universal Energies That Exist


Revise Your Beliefs and Language to Write a New Story

Your Instructors

Katie Bock

Yoga & Wellness Expert

Katie is a powerful leader! She believes in living Fearless, Free and Fulfilled. Her mission is to help women stress less and live more. There was a time when Katie was living in fear, stressed and overwhelmed then one step at a time she transformed her mindset and now she has learned to live fearless and free. All the tools she has learned through personal experience and trainings in yoga, meditation, health/life coaching, chakras and massage therapy give her the expertise to create a space for you to stress less.

Katie is a mom of three crazy boys and a wife. She teaches regular yoga classes to the community and is passionate about spreading a freedom mindset. Her obsession with Outlander is no joke and she dreams of visiting Scotland one day.

Read more of Katie's Insights on her website (, and Get to know her better on Facebook, Instagram or You Tube (@katiebockyoga)

Kristen Wilson

Wellness Writer & Inspirational Speaker

Kristen is a wellness writer with an intense passion to empower people to build balanced, better-feeling lives. Through blogs, presentations, and interactive workshops, she shares what she calls the REAL Tea - her REAL truth, insights, and suggestions designed to help people remember and get back to REAL living, a lifestyle rooted in Recognizing, Embracing, and Activating the Limitless power each of us has to create the life experiences we want.

Kristen is on a quest to spread the happy news that REAL life is not meant to be a series of struggles to get through, but rather an exhilarating exploration to be enjoyed. Born and raised in Harford County, she resides in Bel Air, MD with her husband and two daughters, where she is currently writing a book on the benefits of living for REAL and the simple steps that it takes to begin.

Learn more about Kristen's REAL story and thoughts @, and get to know her better on Facebook & Instagram.

Kim Driscoll

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Kim believes each of us has the power within to create the best version of ourselves! She transformed her own health and mindset through a focus on healthy habits for the body and mind and is passionate about sharing these principles and tools to help others unlock this freedom for themselves. She works with her clients to help them build habits that meet their personal health goals, while also focusing on a growth mindset and goal setting.

Kim is obsessed with researching practices for living your best life and enjoys sharing these tidbits with clients, friends and family! She is a firm believer in kicking fear in the face, focusing on goal setting & gratitude, and getting your body moving in whatever way feels best for you. She is currently studying to be a yoga teacher and is excited about how this journey aligns with her passion for helping others in their wellness goals.

When she is not Health Coaching you can find her hiking the trails with her husband and two teenagers, walking her dog around the neighborhood, or taking a bootcamp style class at her gym. She loves staying active and trying out new healthy recipes she and her daughter find online each week.

Get to know her better on Facebook or Instagram

Bridgette Jester

Vibration Sound Therapist & Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Bridgette Jester started pursuing her spiritual path in late 2018 when she discovered that there was more to life than riding on autopilot. Since then she has been busy finding ways to grow herself and lead others along the path of self healing and self realization. Bridgette is a certified Vibration Sound Therapist, Reiki Level II Practitioner and 200 YTT certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. She believes in the power of healing through breath, exercise, meditation, yoga, sound/vibration and nature. Outside of her work Bridgette enjoys hiking, writing music and has currently taken on the hobby of gardening. She is grateful for all of the blessings that have led her to where she is and looks forward to each beautiful moment ahead of her.


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When does the course start and finish?
Each day will open up one day after the other and you will have access to the content forever!
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to everything as long you remain enrolled in the summit.
Be Inspired and Supported with Daily Guidance You Can Absorb and Apply at Your Own Pace

Our mission is to encourage, inform, and empower you in this time of great change! Join us for an exploration and renewal to learn simple and manageable ways you can begin to transform your mindset and routine into sources of peace and vitality.

Watch our videos in your own time and space, digest intel in bite-sized doses and access tangible resources that can be easily integrated into a routine of any shape or size. This virtual workshop is designed to fit easefully into your schedule. Each day is filled with quality content, from stories and insights, to yoga and meditation, to guided tutorials on techniques you can use to stress less and find a more balanced daily flow. Our format allows you to integrate well-deserved elements of self-care into your day at a practical pace. You will learn REAL techniques, you will feel Fearless & Free, you will transform your mindset and most of all you will feel empowered to navigate your new normal with less stress and more ease.

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